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"Hey! Wouldn’t it be cool to live forever?"
"I mean, you never grow old, you never die, at least not of old age."
Stitch frowned, "growing old, naga botifa!"
"But then again," Lilo suddenly got a somber look on her face, ”I remember once, I told dad that I wanted to live forever, and he said I shouldn’t. I asked him why, and he said the only thing worse than dying is living forever, because you’ll outlive everyone you know, and then you’ll miss them for all eternity.”
Based on a very well written fanfic named The Only Thing Worse Than Dying, by WatsonSword.




For those people who want to kill me, trust me read the story. There is a happy ending!

Why did someone draw these? Why? WHY?!

I need help

Ok so theres someone I kinda just met and there nice, but there a lawyer and its kinda hard for me to get you know a laugh out of them. Very serious but they do have a funny side. Im trying to think of a funny joke that can get a laugh but no luck so tumblr help me! (If it helps im at a cow show so cattle jokes might be good? Idk but the jokes cant be to corny you know.)

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